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● Tissue engineering



 Recent advanced in tissue engineering is remarkable to solve critical donor shortage. Several approaches have already been applied to crinical treatment. However, there are only limited to 2 dimensional and low cell density thin tissues. To dacricated highly organied 3D tissues such as liver and pancreas, it is nessasary to mimic vascular structures in vitro. In this Lab., we fabricate vascular-like structres by electrochemical methods.

   To cure critical liver disease, we focus on fabrication of liver tissues with electrochemical methods and self-organization of cells. It is nessary to "rapidly" fabricate thick and high cell density tissues. we applied to rapid transfer methods to fabricate liver tissues.Furthermore, we encapsulated iPS-derived hepatic spheroid and fabricated highly functionalized liver-like tissues in vitro.



 Hair loss is a common disorder that affects human due to aging, diseases, and medical treatments. Over the last few years, as a new approach for hair loss regenerative medicine of hair has been increasingly expected. In in vivo development, generation of hair follicle germs is governed by interactions between epithelial and mesenchymal layers. In this lab., microfabricated culture chips were employed for preparation of a large number of hair follicle germs.

 TypeT diabetes mellitus is critical disease due to the immunological β cell death and might cause complication such as cerebral infarction and myocardial Infarction. In this lab., we fabricate β cell spheroid or cyclindroid, which is applied to treatment of this disease by transplantation..



 Human bone has a potential of sponteneous regeneration in itself. However, in case exceed bone loss, the use of artificial bones and autologus bones are only way to treat these bones. We aim to fabricate in vitro bone tissues without rejection by comination of mesehchymal stem cells and scaffolid such as collagen.



● Vascular
● Liver
● Hair
● Pacnreas
● Bone
● Lab Chip/ MEMS
● Surface modification
● Microbe

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