Yokohama National University, Faculty of Engineering
(Bio Microsystem lab)

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● Tissue engineering

Surface research

Electrochemical Cell Detachment and Its Application for Engineering Tissue Constructs with Capillary Structure

Tissue Engineering Based on an Electrochemical Reaction

Fabrication of Thick Cell Sheet via Electrochemical Reactions on Membrane Culture Substrate

Cell Detachment Along with the Reductive Desorption of a Self-assembled Monolayer from a Gold Surface
Micropatterned Co-culture using Extra Cellular Matrices

Cell Detachment along with Electrical Cleavage of a Zwitterionic Oligopeptide Layer

Surface design for selective cell catch-and-release using electrochemical reaction

Electrochemical cell detachment by using bio-compatibility gold plating




● Vascular
● Liver
● Hair
● Pacnreas
● Bone
● Lab Chip/ MEMS
● Surface modification
● Microbe

Fukuda Lab, Faculty of Engineering, Yokohama National University