Yokohama National University, Faculty of Engineering
(Bio Microsystem lab)

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● Tissue engineering

Lab on a chip research


Electrochemical microsystem for monitoring of ammonia metabolism of hepatocyte

Improvement of Detection Sensitivity Using Electrodes with Micropillar Structures

Microfluidic Channel for Cellular Micropatterning and Assay of Concentration-Gradient-Induced Migration

Microdevice for cell migration assays

Microdevice for mastitis diagnosis
Diagnostic Device for Subclinical Cow Mastitis Based on the Measurement of the Activity of Neutrophils
VEGF and DsRed transfected HUVECs
Plug-based biochip with integrated pumps for serial exchange of solutions
Microprocessing of Liquid Plugs for Bio/chemical Analyses
On-Chip Coulometric Detection of an Analyte
in a Liquid Plug

On-Chip Electrochemiluminescence Sensing System with Integrated Components for Different Functions

Drug screening device containing three-dimensional tissues




● Vascular
● Liver
● Hair
● Pacnreas
● Bone
● Lab Chip/ MEMS
● Surface modification
● Microbe

Fukuda Lab, Faculty of Engineering, Yokohama National University