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Yuka Kobayashi

Yokohama National University


 Research purpose

Transplantation of tailored cell sheets using micro stereolithography and electrochemical cell transfer

Endoscopic operation has widely emerged as less invasive approaches compared to conventional open surgery. However, postoperative inflammation and coalescence are major complications in particular after resection of mucosal membrane and peritoneum. Cell sheets with a flat shape were useful to prevent such complications by placing on disease sites, but cell sheets with a tailored shape capable of responding to complex sites such as middle ear and small intestine may be desired. Here, we demonstrate that a culture substrate tailor-made using micro stereolithography can be covered with a gold layer and subsequently used to grow cells to reach confluence, which is then electrochemically transplanted.

 Research achievement

 Research related fields

Tissue engineering, Regenerative medicine


Music, Shorinji Kempo


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