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The map indicates the route from the nearest bus stop, Hijiriga-Oka, to our building.
Check out access route and bus number in the below columns.

Click here to view larger map

■ Access
(See the map above for the access route)
Yokohama Station
→Bus stop No. 9 at West Exit of the Station
→Get on "Hama 11" Sotetsu Bus
→Stop at "Hijiriga-Oka" in 15 min
→Walk to N8-5 Kakou/Ankou Building
→Take elevator to 5th floor
■ Access information in YNU.
Access to YNU
Bus from Yokohama St. to YNU(recommended)
See the line shown in the bottom of the linked page or follow the describtions in the left column.
Bus entering the campus from Yokohama St. (PDF)
Stop at Kokudai-nishi.
Taxi (15 min from Yokohama station, Subway (10 min from Yokohama St. and 10 min walk to YNU). See the details in the top link,

■Office ■Lab

Room 517 in N8-5 Building
Faculty of Engineering, Yokohama National University
79-5 Tokiwadai, Hodogaya-ku, Yokohama 240-8501 JAPAN
Prof. Junji Fukuda,
Tel: +81-45-339-4008, e-mail: fukuda@

Room 516 (tel:4008)
Room 510 (tel:3996)
in N8-5 Building



Fukuda Lab, Faculty of Engineering, Yokohama National University