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Electrochemical cell detachment by using bio-compatibility gold plating

 Cell sheet engineering has already applied to human esophagus tissues and myocardial tissues.
 This engineering is important approach on tissue engineering but it takes an hour to harvest cell sheet. So, we report electrochemical cell detachment, which is more speedy method to harvest cell sheet. The purpose of research is to make cell sheet which fits various shapes of tissues by using electrochemical cell detachment.


 To cover a mold with gold, I tried 2 different gold plating methods, medical gold plating and bio-compatibility gold plating. Cells cannot attach on medical plating but can attach on bio-compatibility plating. Cells can also be detached on bio-compatibility plating by using electrochemical cell detachment. After I made bunny model as mold for cell sheet by using streolithography which can make different 3D models, I covered this mold with gold by using bio-compatibility gold plating. I could attach cells on bunny model. This method will be useful for tissue engineering.

Fig. 1 Process of making cell sheet




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